Food justice and sanitation are two of the most pressing issues facing Haiti right now. 

Our ally SOIL is simultaneously addressing both, building safe and sustainable toilets that produce rich, organic compost. Thousands of Haitians now use their facilities, which stem the spread of cholera and support urban agriculture.

Check them out below, and do what you can to help!

"This week 43 veterans of Israeli military intelligence publicly denounced Israeli surveillance of innocent Palestinian civilians and announced their refusal to participate in operations in the occupied territories. The veterans charge much of the intelligence gathering is directed at creating ‘divisions in Palestinian society’ in order to maintain the occupation, using intelligence to ‘extort/blackmail’ Palestinians into collaborating with Israel."

Street art from Chaipas!

"Artist Isaac Cordal is well-known for his creation and placement of miniature cement figures in public places around the world as part of an ongoing series called Cement Eclipses. While the meaning behind each tiny sculpture is intentionally ambiguous, it’s impossible to look at each piece without imagining a story. The pieces often appear in scenes of mourning or despair, as part of what Cordal says is commentary on humankind’s disregard for nature and as foreshadowing of potential consequences.”

Sculpture by Chilean artist Carlos Altamirano, located in the lobby of the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry Office in Caracas. 

The sculpture, at a scale of 50 to 1, is a replica of Salvador Allende’s glasses found after his death during the September 11, 1973 coup in Santiago.

Exciting news from a group we support!! Congrats to B’Tselem!
B’Tselem awarded the 2014 Stockholm Human Rights Award. The International Legal Assistance Consortium, the Swedish Bar Association and the International Bar Association announced yesterday that the 2014 Stockholm Human Rights Award will be presented to B´Tselem.

In a statement released the groups said:

The work of human rights defenders to uphold international human rights law across the world is essential, and no more so than when working in an environment where the host government may be hostile to criticism. Promoting human rights standards from inside one’s country requires an unwavering willingness to endure criticism from within, regardless of potential repercussions. Maintaining integrity and dignity is at the core of human rights defence. B’Tselem has shone international light on human rights violations in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, providing a voice to victims and calling for accountability. It is commendable that B’Tselem has so tirelessly fought to uphold human rights in an environment where its criticism has not always been welcome.

It is for this reason that B’Tselem has been awarded the 2014 Stockhom Human Rights Award. B’Tselem is one of those unique organizations that work tirelessly to promote human rights standards while fighting against a majority voice.

We are proud and delighted to recieve this important acknowlegement of our work, and will continue to do our utmost to justify it.

An alarming update from our friends at the International Crisis Group: Three years after a Western-backed revolution swept through Libya, the country is once again teetering on the brink. The embattled government has appealed for help, fearing they’re slipping into another civil war. 

It’s easy to forget that the revolution was sparked by a protest movement. Can nonviolent activists still work to promote peace with justice in Libya?

Les Voyageurs, Marseilles, France
by Bruno Catalano

Solidarity in action!

Meet Sara Benninga, the bullhorn-toting Israeli co-founder of the Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Movement. Week after week, she and fellow activists risk arrest to march against illegal Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem

Take a minute to read this powerful meditation on Palestinians and Israelis fighting together for peace and justice.

Right now, Educate a Girl, a fantastic nonprofit that provides scholarships to girls in Pakistan, is participating in a global fundraising challenge with a goal of $5,000. We’re in! Who else can help with this challenge???

“We need people not just with knowledge and education, but with the breadth of mind that will enable them to take our country into the wider world.”

That’s Nobel prizewinner Aung San Suu Kyi on education and the future of Burma. After studying abroad, she returned home to help lead the democracy movement that is struggling to change the face of Burma. 

We can’t all be Aung San Suu Kyi, but we can help! Check out Prospect Burma, an organization that provides scholarships for the young people who will become the future leaders of Burma.

Can hip-hop be a force for peace? 

Through the power of music, Somalia’s courageous hip-hop ensemble Waayaha Cusub inspires young people in the war-torn country to turn away from extremism and violence. We’re excited to share info about this upcoming feature documentary, Live from Mogadishu, starring Waayaha Cusub. Check out the trailer below, stay tuned for updates, and chip in to support this project if you can!

In recent months, many students at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) have had family members killed, have had homes destroyed, and have been displaced into UNRWA facilities. They lost books, cloths, and belongings, and they face great hardship in covering future educational costs.

In response, the IUG has launched a campaign to raise donations for students who have been affected by the Israeli war in Gaza. Please do what you can to help out students in need!!