National Geographic Helping Protect the Oceans

Some good news for the Earth’s oceans! 

Through its Pristine Seas project, CoR ally National Geographic has pushed governments to expand ocean sanctuaries for years. Now, the US has just agreed to establish the world’s largest marine reserve. Overall, it will be more than three times the size of California.

Read more at the link below!

Inspired to see an amazing set of 2014 Right Livelihood Award winners!!

They are: Edward Snowden (USA), Alan Rusbridger (UK), Asma Jahangir (Pakistan), Basil Fernando / Asian Human Rights Commission (Hong Kong, China), and Bill McKibben / (USA). 

Don’t know about the Right Livelihood Award? Learn more about this great initiative at

Congratulations to our friends at “Humans of Pakistan,” who are partnering with the UN My World initiative!

Inspired by the blog Humans of New York, Humans of Pakistan posts snapshots of Pakistanis in their daily lives. With their UN project, they will document the ways in which people are expressing their desires for a better world.

"MY World is a survey for people all around the world, which enables citizens to have their voices heard on what changes would make the most difference to their lives. The results gathered from MY World will inform the decision making process for the next phase of the global development agenda. Never before have so many people from all over the world been asked what is most important to them."

Check out Humans of Pakistan at the links below, and sign up to volunteer at:

via Stephen Zunes: “University of Illinois claims they terminated Professor Steven Salaita’s contract not because he criticized Israel’s war on Gaza but did so in an uncivil matter. Columbia University law professor Katherine Franke, however, notes that ‘Whatever else civility may be, it is not an academic norm. Rigor is an academic norm. Making arguments backed by evidence is an academic norm. A willingness to reexamine our settled premises in the service of understanding a problem more fully and more carefully is an academic norm. Civility… undermines the very values we hold dear in the academy. Civility has the air of something that is taught in finishing schools. Or to women to be more lady like.’”

An important piece which highlights the voices of Syrian activists. These are the people we need to be listening to, in all their diversity of opinion.

"Conspicuously absent from the debate about ISIS and U.S. intervention are Syrian voices. ISIS and U.S. officialdom occupy center stage, leaving the perspectives of Syrian civil society activists and writers out of the equation.”

Congratulations to our friend Hussain Haider from the Pakistani education organization Beydaar! He’ll be representing Pakistan at UNESCO’s World Youth Conference for Education on Sustainable Development.

While the world’s biggest polluters dither on the climate crisis, it’s inspiring to see younger generations from around the globe working toward a just and sustainable future.

CoR was proud to participate in two seminal climate events this weekend. On Sunday, the largest climate march in history brought 300,000+ people flood the streets of NYC.

Yesterday: Thousands took part in direct action on Wall Street with Flood Wall Street.

What’s next, friends? We need to solve the deadlock around climate!
Thousands have flooded Wall Street and SHUT. IT. DOWN!

Calls for climate justice are flooding through the entire financial district!

Food justice and sanitation are two of the most pressing issues facing Haiti right now. 

Our ally SOIL is simultaneously addressing both, building safe and sustainable toilets that produce rich, organic compost. Thousands of Haitians now use their facilities, which stem the spread of cholera and support urban agriculture.

Check them out below, and do what you can to help!

"This week 43 veterans of Israeli military intelligence publicly denounced Israeli surveillance of innocent Palestinian civilians and announced their refusal to participate in operations in the occupied territories. The veterans charge much of the intelligence gathering is directed at creating ‘divisions in Palestinian society’ in order to maintain the occupation, using intelligence to ‘extort/blackmail’ Palestinians into collaborating with Israel."

Street art from Chaipas!

"Artist Isaac Cordal is well-known for his creation and placement of miniature cement figures in public places around the world as part of an ongoing series called Cement Eclipses. While the meaning behind each tiny sculpture is intentionally ambiguous, it’s impossible to look at each piece without imagining a story. The pieces often appear in scenes of mourning or despair, as part of what Cordal says is commentary on humankind’s disregard for nature and as foreshadowing of potential consequences.”